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The design and success of our family of 37 to 50-seat jets is truly legendary in commercial aviation. The aircraft revolutionized regional air travel when they were introduced and continue to open new markets years later. More than 1,000 ERJs have been delivered and have carried over 700 million passengers. Today, some 70 operators fly the ERJ 145.

Korea Express Air Embraer ERJ 145(HL8358) 松本空港 -2019.06.21-

【2019年6月21日撮影】松本空港に着陸し離陸するコリアエクスプレスエアのERJ145型機。機体全体を日本では馴染みが薄いですが、T字尾翼リアエンジンのブラジル製大傑作機です。天候が少し残念でしたが、全身赤色の機体が空港周辺の緑に映えました。。 Korea Express Air Embraer ERJ 145 at...

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