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Max range
8,200 nm
Fuel capacity
84,600 USG
Max cruise speed
Max passengers
853 persons
Max payload
1272 lb x 1000
Operating ALT
43,000 ft

Even more efficient, still unique

Greener, cleaner, quieter and smarter, it is setting a new standard for the global aviation industry with its superior efficiency, profitability and operational effectiveness.

Not only is it setting new passenger comfort standards, the A380 also is raising the bar for environmental standards with its low fuel consumption and noise levels – as well as reduced CO2 and NOx emissions.

Revenue generation

The A380’s service introduction ushered in a new era of airline transportation for operators. Whether it’s being used to reduce the number of flights and create cost savings while maintaining capacity, or to offer more capacity with fewer takeoff slots, the A380 brings operators a wide range of commercial advantages. Furthermore, with two full-length decks, more space for every passenger, and a flying experience no other aircraft in the sky can match, the A380 has become a must-have ticket on every route it flies – resulting in a significant first-mover advantage for operators.

The Future of Emirates

Emirates recently ditched Airbus A380 orders in favour of the A330neo and A350, with the 777X also arriving in the coming years what is the planned future fleet with...