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The A330 neo is a true example of a highly-innovative aircraft that delivers superior quality and efficiency. As a member of Airbus’ family of widebody jetliners, the A330 neo benefits from continuous investment of over 150 million euro every year – integrating the latest developments from the A350 XWB and A380 Families to maintain its position as the best in its class, well ahead of its competition. The A330neo is powered by high-bypass ratio, new generation engines and designed with an advanced high-span wing vastly improving the aerodynamics. New materials have also been used across the wing including titanium pylon and composite nacelle. All these features combined, ensures that the A330neo has the lowest seat-mile cost of any mid-size widebody and burns 25% less fuel burn than the previous generation A330.

Airbus A330 – 900 Neo
Seats (3-class) 260-300
Range nm (km) 7,200 nm (13,330 km)
Length 63.66 m (208 ft 1 in)
Wingspan 64 m (210 ft 0 in)
Height 16.79 m (55 ft 1 in)
Engine  Rolls-Royce Trent 7000

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