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An affordable, modern and safe aircraft? The Elixir was developed to fulfill these 3 needs while ensuring an unbeatable polyvalence.
An escape in Corsica? Some fresh air need in the Alps? May it be for travel or for tourism above your city, the only question you will ask yourself is where to fly.


Elixir Aircraft
Certification EASA CS-23 | FAR-23
Range nm (H) 7H
Seats 2
Useful Load  280kg / 617 Lbs
Luggage 25 kg / 55 Lbs
Engine (912iS): 130kts @75%
Fuel Auto Gas or AvGas or UL91: 110L / 29 gal in a unique fuel tank

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Crosswind landing

The weather can sometimes prove to be carpricious, even in summer. During the Discovery Days, some of our bookers have already faced crosswind landings. Be reassured...

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