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Max range
940 nm
Consumption at 60%
5.2 US gal/h
Max cruise speed
154 kts
Max passengers
4 persons
Max payload
904 lbs
Max Operating ALT
16,404 ft

Capable and safe

Whether you are a new pilot looking for the perfect first aircraft, an experienced aviator with discerning tastes or a flight school of a high quality standard, buying a DA40 New Generation is always a smart decision. The modern and safe composite aircraft with advanced avionics and the sophisticated Austro Engine 168 hp AE300 jet fuel engine running on Jet-A1 is an exceptional IFR (Instrumental Flight Rules) platform, both for training and travelling. You’ll be impressed by its excellent flight characteristics, remarkable fuel-efficiency and the stunning panoramic visibility out of the canopy.

Roominess and visibility

DA40 owners and operators love the generous cabin, comfortable seats and the spacious baggage area ensuring hassle-free travelling with your family, kids or business colleagues. The roomy cabin eases operations in real-life training environment as it can easily accommodate more people than just the flight instructor and the student and is suitable for different body types.
The distinctive shaped canopy gives you incredible visibility you won’t experience in any other aircraft in this class.

Advanced Airline Trainer Package (AAT)

Especially for the needs of training organizations, Diamond Aircraft has developed the ingenious Advanced Airline Trainer (AAT) concept for the DA40 NG that makes not only overall training times much more efficient. We have come up with a set of key improvements and as well as a variety of options contained in the AAT package. From the very beginning of their training program, student pilots are enabled to develop the right psychomotor, cognitive, strategic and tactical skills which can easily be transferred into the cockpit of an airliner.

Datasheet downloads
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