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At Tecnam’s hangar in Sebring Florida, I had an opportunity to view the newly design Tecnam P2010 4 seater aircraft. The Tecnam P2010 competes directly with Cessnas high wing airplanes, namely the Cessna 172 and the Cessna 182. Both in price range, utility and performance. This is why I call it a Cessna 172.

Talk to Shannon Yeager from Tecnam and he will tell you that the P2010 isn’t even in same class as the Cessna 172. It’s more comparable to a Cessna 182. Well, you be the judge. I’ll have more coverage on this airplane in the future.

Here are the specs on the Tecnam P2010

Engine: 180 HP
Capacity: 4
Useful load: 893 lb
Speed: up to 146 kts
Avionics: G1000 NXI
Price: $345,000



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