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Also: SpaceX To Provide Broadband, EAA ‘Spirit Of Aviation’, Jeppesen & Bad Elf, Master Instructors

Almost a century after the maiden flight of the Junkers F 13, its historic replica has once again been certificated. 100 years ago, Hugo Junkers’ undertook the design and series production of the world’s first all-metal airplane, the Junkers F 13. The airplane proved to be one of the most significant milestones in the history of air travel. Today, Junkers are pleased to announce two remarkable achievements in the reconstruction of this aircraft type: Program founder and investor Dieter Morszeck is proud to announce that after the completion of extensive flight testing the plane was certified. A pilot fired in 2016 for alleging FAA violations by his employer has been reinstated by OSHA. The pilot had been flying for Jet Logistics Inc. and New England Life Flight Inc., doing business as Boston MedFlight from Hanscom Air Force Base in Bedford, MA. He was terminated after he contacted the FAA about possible violations of the agency’s crew rest rules. He had refused two flight assignments because he believed the schedule did not give him adequate time between flights. OSHA conducted an investigation into the allegations, and concluded that he was terminated for reporting safety concerns — prohibited under federal law. EASA has validated a major enhancement to the Tecnam P2010 4-place general aviation aircraft approving the Lycoming IO390-C3B6 215 HP engine. The Lycoming IO390-C3B6 enables the P2010 to climb at 1,100 ft/m and offer a maximum cruise of 146 kts. The IO-390-C3B6 provides 215 hp @ 2,700 rpm, coupled with a 3-bladed MT variable-pitch propeller. All this — and MORE in today’s episode of Airborne!!!

Airborne 04.04.18 is chock full of info in this Daily News Episode, Wednesday, April 4th, 2018… Presented by Aero-TV veteran videographer and Airborne Hosts Brianne Cross, Christopher Odom, and Laura Hutson, and is supported by ANN CEO/Editor-In-Chief Jim Campbell, Chief Videographer Nathan Cremisino, and Aero-Journalist Tom Patton, this episode covers:

The Junkers Aircraft Factory Is Back In Business
Fired Whistle-Blower Pilot Reinstated By OSHA
EASA Validates New Engine For Tecnam P2010
FCC Authorizes SpaceX To Provide Broadband Satellite Services
EAA’s ‘Spirit Of Aviation’ Coming To Locations Throughout The U.S. In 2018
Jeppesen Teams With Bad Elf To Integrate Wireless Flight Data Transfers
Two Receive Master Instructor Designation In March

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