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Following up on last video of the Tecnam P2006t Twin engine aircraft. I did find someone to ask a few questions about this new aircraft. Shannon Yeager is the director of sales at Tecnam USA. Hopefully many of your questions about the P2006T is answered in this interview.

As from my last video upload, here are some corrections about Tecnam’s p2006t. The price doesn’t start at $444,000 as previously stated. More like $575,000 starting with analog panel, aka six pack avionics. Fully loaded with a Garmin G1000 glass cockpit and autopilot, you’re looking more like $650,000 for the airplane. It’s not cheap. But it’s also one of the most affordable modern Twin engine aircraft that is fully certified.

For more details on the Tecnam P2006t, check out https://www.tecnam.com/us/aircraft/p2006t/



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