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Bartolini Air Tecnam P2006T Engine start Checklist
You must call out the checklist before starting it and then after you finished it, say out loud that the specific “checklist completed”
It is called a checklist because you check on a list what to do, not to forget any items. Always have 2 checklists with you, I used the regular one and a smaller one that I could clip on the yoke in case I would need it. Sorry for the quality of the sound and sorry for the thing that the aircraft was parked and you couldn’t really see the real thing. But, during my training, it was so intense, I did not have the time to make too many videos in which to explain procedures. I wish I had some help before my training, that is why I am doing this now. To help other students that might fly with me in an Airbus or Boeing later on! Like and subscribe only if it helped you! Cheers!

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