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So after missing out on a nice Full English Breakfast, there wasn’t much point hanging around at Shoreham airport. So with a little bit of time to spare before the aircraft needed to be back at Headcorn, I plotted a longer, more scenic route back.

We only stopped for about 30 minutes and in that time it was clear that the weather that was planned for later in the day had started to roll in slightly earlier with a lot more cloud in the vicinity. So we made our way back to the PA28 and checked over the aircraft ready for our departure.

We departed from runway 02 towards the north and after clearing the Shoreham ATZ made a right turn heading towards the south east and changed radio frequency to Farnborough Radar. Once in contact with them and receiving a Basic Service, we tracked along the coast which took us past Brighton Pier and the marina. The night sight was Seaford and the Seven Sisters cliffs before approaching Beachy Head.

We continued around the bay and then made a left turn over Eastbourne back in land on a direct track towards Headcorn. It was a bit of a detour but definitely worth it for the views.

Our return trip was a bit more turbulent than our outbound flight and as soon as we turned back in land the clouds became a lot thicker which made the final leg of the flight even more bumpy. We had definitely chosen the best time of the day for the flight!

As we approached the town of Cranbrook we called Headcorn Radio to get the information needed to join the circuit and for our approach and we positioned for a left hand downwind join for runway 28.

Headcorn is a busy GA airfield and with intense parachute activity you always need your wits about you. As we approached the end of the downwind leg I spotted the parachute aircraft which is a quite fast Cessna 208 Caravan descending after completing a drop. I then heard on the radio that they intended to join the downwind leg ahead of me. As they were quicker than me, I decided to extend the downwind leg for separation and then proceeded to turn base leg behind the parachute plane.

After a smooth landing on runway 28, we taxied to our stand and shut down the aircraft and then made our way to the clubhouse to complete the paper work.

Although the flight was by no means the most direct route from Shoreham to Headcorn it was worth the detour for the amazing views.

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