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Headed out to the airfield with the intention of doing a quick local scenic followed by some circuits to keep my currency up. But, as tends to be my fashion, we were late – to be fair, we both slept in.
The aircraft was booked right after us which meant we didn’t have the time to get away from the field.

No problem, just circuits then (staying in the pattern for those of a US persuasion). No problem except for the 700′ cloud base that is. So one circuit and back down it was. No reason to be practising low level circuits with a passenger unnecessarily. We were victims of our own sleep-in, as the ceiling was closer to 3,000′ away from the field.

I haven’t tried putting a camera into the Robin before, and so this really was a quick positioning experiment that I didn’t originally intend to keep. Usually I just pull stills from my video footage because I just don’t have the time to edit things up. This is nice and short though, so I thought I’d throw it online.


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