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Featuring Terry Palmer, Protoflight – Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, California – Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Galactic – Jeff Greason and Aleta Jackson, XCOR Aerospace – Stuart Witt and Dick Rutan, Mojave Air and Space Port – Dave Masten, Masten Space Systems – Mark Street and Rick Searfoss, XCOR Aerospace – Duane McNutt, ASB Avionics – Nigel Speedy, National Test Pilot School – Randa Milliron, Interorbital Systems – Ken Doyle, Firestar Technologies – Burt Rutan, Scaled Composites

Special Thanks to ASB Avionics, Dick Rutan, Firestar Technologies, Interorbital Systems, Masten Space Systems, National Test Pilot School, Protoflight, Scaled Composites, Virgin Galactic, XCOR Aerospace, X Prize Foundation

Produced by Robin Snelson and Haley Jackson – Editor, Christopher Angel -Camera, Steven Payne and Chip Proser – Music by Ramón Balcázar

Mojave Air and Space Port, 1434 Flightline St. Mojave, California 93501 (661) 824 2433 mojaveairport.com

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