Home ยป Pipistrel Virus SW 912iS – FUEL LEAK INCIDENT – Real-time Exterior View – SEE TEXT

This new Pipistrel Virus SW with a certified Rotax 912iS fuel-injected engine, constructed and delivered mid-2018 from Pipistrel d.o.o. in Slovenia, experienced a significant spontaneous fuel leak upon return to the apron after a routine uneventful flight a few months ago. Order of leak detection: In-cabin vapour smell, briefly visible faint whisps, then external obvious leak (filmed here). See the information / description in my previous video. The leak and the pump, aircraft factors are the subject of a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) of Australia investigation. This is in the interest of aviation knowledge and safety. As I soon found out, the fuel pumps in my aircraft are located under the removable carbon fibre flooring / panels behind the right seat and between the ballistic parachute system and right battery. Egress of fuel observed here was through points in the cabin floor. The fuel pump was replaced and the aircraft tests continue. TTIS 25 hours.

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