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In this how to we are going to look how to use the approach mode which is part of the autopilot in a Pipistrel Virus SW 121.
The Pipistrel Virus SW 121 has a Garmin GNS 430 system with 2 additional displays attached to it which will give you some nice options to configure the flight plan but also to keep track of your current location.

I will depart from Rotterdam-The Hague Airport
(EHRD) runway 24. After flying away from the airport I will show you how the Garmin system will react if you add the airport to the flight plan and which messages are changing on the Garmin system. After this we will program the approach: Runway 24 ILS via transition ROT and use the GPS functionality of the autopilot to continue our flight. During the flight I will program the NAV to use the frequency for our ILS approach and when close enough to the airport I will enable the approach mode so you can see it in action.

0:00 title screen
0:10 departing from runway 24 EHRD
1:42 explanation of Garmin GNS 430
2:45 configure and enable the autopilot
4:54 program the flight plan
9:05 program the NAV frequencies
19:18 Garmin GNS 430 changes to TERM
19:38 Configure the approach and transition
29:37 Reconfigure the auto pilot
37:55 Arriving at the STAR starting point
48:52 Preparing to switch on the APR mode
55:19 Land at runway 24 EHRD

As mentioned in the video I used some additional mod’s to make the scenery around Rotterdam even look nicer:

Rotterdam City:

Port of Rotterdam:

Feyenoord Stadium de Kuip

Brienenoord bridge:

Rotterdam Harbour – Radio Tower Waalhaven & PetroChemie Pipes

Hollandse IJsselkering:

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