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Let’s checkout some turboprop airplanes. Turboprops are turbine engine aircrafts, same engines as you would find in Jets, except turboprop planes have propellers on the outside of the engine. Where as a typical Jet will have a fan in the engine bay. The airplane showcased today are comparable to some light jets in their performance and prices. In this video we checkout the top 5 turboprop airplanes in the industry today. These are all certified single engine turboprops and they have all made a name for themselves in general aviation for the last several years.

Here are the Top 5 Turboprop Airplanes listed

1). Piper M600 – If you know anything about aviation in America, you should already be familiar with brand Piper. They are one of the oldest airplane manufactures in the United States, and one of their most prominent line of airplane is the M series also known as the Meridian. This is a 6 place personal and business single engine aircraft that is capable of jet like speeds north of 300 miles per hour. The going price for the M600 is $2.8 million.

USEFUL LOAD: 2,400 pounds
RANGE: 1,706 miles
SPEED: 315 miles per hour
PRICE: $2.8 million

2). Cessna Caravan 208 – The name Cessna should also ring a bell anytime you think of American civil aviation. The Cessna Caravan was first introduced in 1982. And this aircraft has been a champ in it’s line of work. Cessna are like the Toyotas of the skies because they are built rugged and the are very reliable. The Cessna caravan was built for those off-field or remote grass-field missions. It’s used in commercial airline services, mail delivery services, you name it. The price for the Cessna Caravan 208 is $2.8 million New.

USEFUL LOAD: 3,305 pounds
RANGE: 1,230 miles
SPEED: 214 miles per hour
PRICE: $2.8 million

3). Quest Kodiak – A fairly new entrant in this category of aircraft. The Kodiak was created to compete directly with the Cessna Caravan, and that it does well. Kodak are used for similar missions and flight services as the Caravan. But where the Kodiak stands on its own is it’s take off performance. This airplane only needs about 934 feet of runway before it gets off the ground. This is while hauling tons of weight. Price for a Quest Kodiak is $2.5 million

USEFUL LOAD: 3,535 pounds
RANGE: 1,301 miles
SPEED: 210 miles per hour
PRICE: $2.5 million

4). Socata TBM 930 – Here is another model airplane that’s been around for a long time. This aircraft is manufactured by Daher, a French company and they are probably the closest competitor to the Piper M series. You carry six people in modern comfort and travel over a thousand miles. The TBM 930 is also one of the fastest single engine turboprops out there, with speeds up to 380 miles per hour. It’s also one of the most expensive aircrafts period. Base price for a well equipped TBM 930 is $4.1 million

USEFUL LOAD: 2,847 pounds
RANGE: 1,989 miles
SPEED: 334 miles per hour
PRICE: $4.1 million

5). Pilates PC-12 NG – Here goes your champion for turboprop aircrafts. The Pilatus PC-12 NG is the the number one selling turboprop business aircraft in the world. This airplane is capable of just about any mission you throw at it. Don’t have a paved runway, PC-12 got it. What about a short runway, that too. Wait you also want to carry 10 people with some luggage? the PC-12 handles that just fine too. By far one of the most capable aircraft ever built. The Pilatus PC-12 also has some of the most luxurious cabin space you’ll find. It’s interior was designed by BMW. That said, all of these bag of goodness will not come cheap. A new Pilatus PC-12 runs close to $5 million.

USEFUL LOAD: 3,670 pounds
RANGE: 2,121 miles
SPEED: 328 miles per hour
PRICE: $5 million




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  • Base prices are kind of misleading, someone I know was going to put up $1.8 mils for a turboprop and they were supposed to buy it with a friend, and have a third guy with them who would fly sometimes as well, the salesperson was really good and almost had them, its only until they got the actual quote they realized its a barebone airplane, not painted, just basic white paint against corrosion, no avionics, only the bare minimum basics required for the airplane to operate and be delivered to you, only one pilot seat, no copilot seat. When you add up all the common sense options the price was $0.6 mil extra, they walked.

    The price point gets to the point where you start to ask yourself why not for that similar amount of money you could get a VLJ, you are paying so much, might as well go for a "very little jet" category, and be able to fly FL350, and maybe even have a toilet.

  • My dad used to work for an air emengrcy company in south africa he was not a pilot but an on board paramedic the flew the pilatus and they all loved it it flew to rural aers and was used as an air amubalance

    • For sure, open the Cargo-door, take a sip of your Champagne and go full on Vietnam UH1 Gunner with the included Sig 550 for this version

  • amazing video description, I could finally found my favorite turbo prop one more time tbm950

  • Ps – You can't use the single engine turboprops as airliners……. charters etc have to be 'part owners' deal. Need 2 engines to carry passengers for hire.

  • Kind of surprised you did not mention the Epic turboprop E-1000 fly's at 325 kts absolutely a gogeous aircraft.

    • Not currently certified, so not included on a list of certified aircraft. I would have been surprised to see it after he made the point this was a list of certified aircraft

  • The PC12 is my dream machine. The SUV of the sky with the super reliable Pratt & Whitney PT6 out front.

  • Sir, the tbm930 is not the latest Daher socata 940 with the garmin 3000 glass package with auto throttle a beautiful aircraft

  • The Royal Flying Doctor Service (aeromedical) in Australia switched over to PC12's and Beech King Air B200's in mid 2000 from their C441, C404 and PA32-350's. The pilots love the PIlatus for it's versatility and payload capability. They often land on roadways and unimproved station strips at night and that's where the PC 12 type excels. In early 2019, they took possession of 3 PC24's, with 2 turbofan engines (high on the fuselage tail). The Pilatus PC-24 is a light business jet produced by Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland. Following the PC-12 single turboprop success, work on the jet started in 2007 for greater range and speed, keeping the rugged airfield capability.
    In early 2019, The RFDS have so far received all of their 3 Pilatus PC-24 jets, which will be replacing their Hawker 800XP jet. They are based at Jandakot Airport (Perth Western Australia) and made a debut at the Avalon Air Show 2019. The PC-24 can fit 3 stretcher beds and 4 doctors. The aircraft can cruise at 45,000 feet (14,000 m) and halves the time of flight compared to the existing propeller driven fleet. The PC-24 can also operate out of paved and unpaved runways. The RFDS have purchase rights for 1 more aircraft.
    Again, because these aircraft can operate out of marginal strips and are much faster, they are an ideal choice for aeromedical services.

  • Best sounding type of engine for a plane, Everytime a p/c21 comes over the house I know straight away it’s the RAAF roulettes

  • Hey, MojoGrip, are there planes like this with pressurized cabins? How high can these things fly? PS Love your videos.

  • The PC-12 is my wet dream….I was in heaven or at least close to it when I got fly in one 😊 when I win the lottery!!!

    • Reza O'Line the only people that say shit like you just said, are people that have no fucking clue. The day an AW109 can fly across the US without a fuel stop, the. Get back to me. HEMS, which I actually have more hours in than fixed wing is a completely different mission profile and patient population.

  • The fan on a "jet engine" (fan jet) is NOT really inside the engine, basically. It is kinda wrapped around the outside of the core, but yes, it is part of the engine, inside the outer case and NOT an externally driven item like a propeller or maybe a rotor system which is all driven but a shaft (and, therefore, the name TURBOSHAFT in most turbine helicopters) from the engine to (usually) the transmission. On a fan jet powered aircraft, MOST of the engine's thrust is provided by the engine driven FAN and only a small bith by the core of the engine. This setup is usually caled a "HIGH BYPASS" jet engine and they come in several levels of bypass which is often expressed as a RATIO—-that ratio being bypass thrust to core thrust. Turbojet, Fanjet, Turoprop and Turboshaft engines are just different kinds of TURBINE ENGINES.

  • As a TBM owner, I would like to correct your specs on the TBM 930. It's maximum cruise speed is 330 KTAS @ FL280. Which is closer to 400 mph than 300. You listed its cruise speed as 334 mph. We don't use mph in aviation, but that is 290 KTAS which is economy cruise @ FL280 to FL310.

    A TBM 930 holds the non-stop FAI C1e world speed record New York to Paris at average speed of 364 kts. The previous record was set in 1985 by Chuck Yeager in a turboprop twin. The TBM beat the previous record by almost an hour.

    There is little difference between the original TBM 700 and the newest 940. The major difference being avionics, and the 700 uses a Dash 64 engine, the 850 and newer uses a Dash 66 PT6. 700's and 850's came with a Hartzell four-blade prop. Most have been upgraded to a MT STC'd five-blade over time when prop overhaul came due. The winglets were added starting with the 900-series. Vmo for the TBM is 266 KIAS.

    TBM stands for Tarbes Built Mooney, or Tarbes Mooney. The original TBM 700 was derived from the Mooney 301 after Socata bought Mooney Aircraft in Kerryville, Texas in the late 80's.

    The TBM remains the premier GA turbine single. The PC-12, C-208, and Kodiak 100 are not GA category airplanes. The Piper M600 remains the entry level turbine single in GA. But the M600 is no match for a TBM in performance, efficiency, safety and weather handling capabilities.

  • oh yeahhh the good old PC-12!!! My favourite turboprop!
    In Switzerland we're reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally proud of our Pilatus Aircrafts!!!

  • Beautiful trubo props all. I just thought I'd point out Pilatus builds a Sailplane as well. ~ your neighbor

  • The piston version of the M600 is not only the “Matrix”, but also the Malibu (310 hp) and Malibu Mirage (350 hp) which have a pressurized cabin. The Matrix is not pressurized.

  • PC-12 you’d have to be a fucking moron to buy it, because for that money you can have an actual jet with a much more efficient turbofan engine, higher operational ceiling, and probably a toilet.

  • :''Aircrafts'' is not a word! Aircraft is used singularly or pluraly. One aircraft. Two aircraft. Many aircraft. All aircraft,

  • TBM 930 is looks like a airplanes ferrari.. Pc 12 is ugliest airplane in this video. Unbeliable its price 5 million $. Ughh if I have a five million I buy a Citation M2 or Honda Jet Elite..

    • Yes, Knots for pilots and kmh for others. Miles per hour is understood by only one country in the world yet Youtube usage is global.

  • Man been in love with the TBM since the 850, Can't wait for my "Rich Uncle" to get out of the Poor House so I can buy a couple.

  • I wonder what that baby would do painted flat black. And mount 4 / 50 cal, on it use it as a close air combat support plane . You could still mount a couple of side winders . I think it would work just fine. Oh I know 2/ 50cal, mini guns. Hell yeah baby . 😀👍

  • MogoGrip,
    What is the best all-purpose Turboprop for flying in the united states mostly will be used to business travel?
    Looking at piper m600, TBM 910 or Secata 930, Cessna deali is alittle pricey , Pilatus PC-12 which one do you prefer?

    I love your videos thank you very much!

  • Hi MojoGrip,
    For the price which one of the five airplane turboprops in lesser expensive but still have great features and performance. The Pilates seems a bit steep for my pocketbook. Looking in the range off three million-plus.
    Thank you!

    • Being a jet doesn't make it inherently better. You have to consider your typical "mission" before picking any aircraft. Honda jet is slow down low, burns significantly more fuel, costs a fortune to maintain, and requires about double the runway length over any of these. Basically there are only two real advantages to a jet:
      1) Quiet cabin. Because jet engines are typically in the rear and mounted high, the cabin is mostly isolated from their sound and they produce less vibration. Single engine turboprops are mounted in the nose so naturally all of that noise comes straight at the cabin.
      2) High altitude cruise performance. Jet fans are more efficient than large propellers above about FL250. So if you have long trips and can take advantage of upper level winds aloft (e.g. jet stream), then you can save a lot of money/time by going high. The TBM and PC-12 can get up there as well for speed, but they don't get the efficiency gains.
      3) Twin engine assurance. Most jets are twin engines which means losing one is a bit less scary. In reality safety records at this level have more to do with pilot competency and decision making than equipment.

  • You might want to rename the video "best single engine turboprops" because the best one is the Piaggio P180 Avanti Evo no doubts.

  • The Australian Royal Flying Doctor Service needed a smaller plane in addition to its workhorse King Air's. They needed a single turboprop that could be single piloted, carry everything you would need in an intensive care ambulance, have room for two stretcher cases, two paramedics and a doctor. It needed to have a range of over 2000 miles, have a cruise speed of 300knots, consume less than 100lt per hour, have stol capability on rough outback airstrips. A big order. The PC-12 was the only one that came close. (I have no relationship with Pilatus).

  • You're going to need to make a new video, the Epic E 1000 just got certified. Amazing aircraft, check it out.

  • Nice channel but you need to make more of an effort to get your numbers correct. The TBM max cruise is around 330 knots not mph. This means the max cruise for the TBM is close to 380 mph.

  • Platis PC12 went down this weekend in South Dakota killing several people . Sure like to know more information as to why the weather was marginal. However nothing it shouldn’t have been able to handle.

  • Forgot to mention the best of all of them: the Avanti Evo from Piaggio. This plane is much way faster than them and have a higher service ceiling.

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