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A quick turn, Angel Flight trip to Santa Monica with an RNAV approach and interesting departure.


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  • Kory I love your effects!! I have some catching up to do!! But then again I posted mine at 6 am, you're a night-owl-HA!

    • Thanks Ron. I have to say, I would have never pictured you with long hair and a yellow Corvette. 🙂

    • Malibu Flyer
      HA-that photo was taken in 1978….
      After I got the Body-Cast removed, I had to wear a back brace which I was still wearing when I qualified for the Grand Nationals Pro-Stock Drag Racing Motorcycles!

  • What a beautiful panel. Used to fly a 84 Malibu and would have loved a panel like that. Do you still use the king autopilot or a Garmin. It certainly is a wonderful performer.

  • I am new to your channel. And have begun to pray for you and your family that you are blessed in all that you do. I hope someday to get my pilots license. I would like to Owen a Piper M350. It would be nice to connect someday.

  • I have a facebook page “Malibu, Mirage, ….and Jetprop Pilots”. I’d like to repost some of your flights if I may. Check it out.
    Thanks. Clint

  • That LAX315 radial turn is what they basically always do when going south or east. It's at the shoreline. I programmed a user waypoint into the 650 that matches up KSMO212 and LAX315

  • This was such an interesting video for me as an instrument student! Really interesting to hear the real-world interactions with the LA controllers. I think I may fly this in the sim just to work through all the interesting bits. I've flown into Burbank with my instructor and it was definitely very busy! Thanks!

  • We wanted to go to SoCal on our trip west last month, but the weather just wasn't good enough to justify it. Rain rain rain!

  • Love the new instruments and panel work. I know it cost a LOT but it looks fantastic and seems to work great for you.

  • Brought back lots of great memories. I got my instrument ticket at KSMO and know the outbound procedure to the South all too well! Thanks for sharing, great video.

  • This was fun! I grew up next to KSMO, almost the last house in the westbound landing pattern. My father worked at Douglas, first on DC-3 design, later on missiles. I used to ride my bike down the GA flight like on Saturday mornings and ask, “Hey mister, are you going to do touch and goes?” I’d usually get one or two rides on a Saturday. Imagine that today! Haven’t seen KSMO from the air in years. Boy, departures have become complicated! Thanks for this.

  • That was the most convoluted departure routing ever. I get that they were trying to pass you midfield over LAX, but what a way to get there! I used to live in SoCal, so I'm familiar with the airspace. Kudos for navigating with no hiccups!

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