Home » Aircrafts » Piper » Piper PA28 235 Rand Airport from Eagle’s Creek for Spares Shopping. ZS-DVA.

Join me for a short flight from Eagle’s Creek to Rand Airport in the DiVA to collect some spares from the agents. The drive from my home to Rand Airport is probably the same distance as to the airstrip, but who cares … We have a mission. Let’s Fly.


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  • lekker excuse to go flying! currently working towards my PPL, operating out of rand, so very familiar final approach there haha!

  • Any excuse to fly! I don't get to fly much at all anymore so really enjoy 'ride along' footage especially over familiar airspace, I know Eagle Creek well, used to live across the field at Lasertronics and watched it be developed from a barely used farm strip to a busy sports aviation hub for the area, good also to hear Papa Romeo Oscar on the radio, another airee I know well… Happy landings, love this channel.

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