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Here is a 1985 Piper PA-28 Warrior II landing at Princeton Airport on Runway 28 after doing some maneuvers in the area followed by engine shutdown on the ramp during my brief stop on the field. I then had a short conversation with a flight instructor by the fence & he told me it was a bit bumpy up in the air & that a pilot was doing a simulated engine out procedure before his instructor checkride. Best of luck on it! The airplane then took off minutes later & headed back to Trenton-Robbinsville Airport (N87) which is only 10 minutes away from here to the south.

Aircraft: Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II

Registration: N2366W

Arrival Time: 5:35 PM


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    • My cfi checkride is in 3 days Brother haha. Yeah it usually is always bumpy in the summer. Wish you all best man. HMU If you need something Or wanna go flying!!

    • @Sarvesh Patel S Oh. Haha. My bad. Hopefully the weather is good on that day. And I certainly will. So in cooler weather the flights are less bumpy and give the aircraft better performance. I figured.

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