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Well it’s time for the plane’s annual, so it’s off to the Maintenance Base..

Music courtesy of the You Tube Audio Library


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    • Well Mike I have a feeling that it's going to be quite a bit lighter when they get through with it..looks like some engine work will be required..will keep you posted..

  • Hey Chet. Yes. It is a bit of a stressful time for owners when the annual is due but it is what keeps us safe. Mine is mid September and last weekend my electric boost pump quit. Hope yours goes well.

    • Yep its always a bit of a crap shoot..sometimes you come away ok albeit with a lighter wallet. But of course as you say it keeps us safe…heading out today to see what's required..

    • Good point Chet on boost pump life. Mine started pumping fuel out of vent on ramp when doing start. Spotted by hangar neighbour before I hit mags. Could have been a bad problem if airborne. See what your AME thinks. Price not a big factor.

    • @Charles MacKenzie mine is just the fuel vent which had to be replaced..seems it's been this way since it was painted at least 20 years ago. Unfortunately to get at it you need to remove the fuel tank which in itself is a job. While that's out will redo all the hose connections as well since they are probably all cracked. Will replace the hoses on the other side next annual .

    • Yep, I am aware of it as well and found it extremely annoying when viewing it..will try to find a solution. Thanks

    • @" TAG ALONG WITH CHET " Hi Chet – Martin Pauly has a very good video on this. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JFMv5aDfrM. Basically though I think I mentioned in my vid yesterday – place your camera where there is the minimum vibration (looks like yours may be on the door? The door in the Cherokee I fly vibrates a lot) and, add an ND filter – I now have my shutter speed to auto. Having the camera on the wind shield pointing back at you could be a solution. It's so frustrating when you get back home and you watch the footage back. But, It's a learning curve and keep at it – if I can help at all ping me.

    • @Kevin Collins Yes Kevin I thought about that as well since I did notice a very very light vibration on that particular flight. It was something you would not pay much attention to since all other parameters..oil pressure/temp CHT and EGT were normal..quite possible that were it a longer flight I may have been given a bit more of a wake up …. Since it was a long weekend I don't think it's put back together yet..will head back later this week and see how things are progressing..

  • Such dramatic music during your landing phase, Chet. I caught myself saying: "Oh no, will he make it? Will he make it?" A cliff hangar for sure.
    Good video though, thanks for sharing.

    • Thought I would kind of add to the video by creating some drama. I just went through most of the You Tube audio library and came up with that..it seemed to fit just nicely..thanks for watching and the compliment..

  • Chet! Dramatic music or what. It was like Star Wars before the pending attack. Good job. – I've added to JMX's comment below.

    • Thanks Chris..I will check your added link as well..and yes that's where the camera is mounted only it's on a rather home made mount which probably has too much of an arm on it. I ordered one of the Joby mounts from Amazon..will see how that compares..

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