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Ride along with Master Instructor Dick Rochfort on an in-flight demonstration of the techniques and procedures for a VFR approach and landing at Shelter Cove, California in a G1000 NXi equipped Piper PA46 M350. Dick encourages pilots to use well documented, disciplined procedures to ensure the safety of this and every flight.

Dick Rochfort is a full-time pilot trainer specializing in the Piper PA46 M600, M500, M350, Meridian, Mirage, Malibu and Matrix aircraft. He provides pre-purchase valuation, training, corporate service and expert witness services worldwide. You may view hundreds of additional videos and articles about flying the PA46 aircraft at rwrpilottraining.com or contact Dick directly at [email protected]

In a class by itself the Piper M350 is a pressurized six-place aircraft with 213 Kts true airspeed, over 1,300 NM range and the Garmin G1000 NXi flight deck.

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