Home » Aircrafts » Piper » LIFL Ep7; NJ to Youngstown, OH in the Piper Meridian. FF routing error and THUNDERSTORM avoidance.

Join Eaglemania for trip to a commune at Nelson Ledges near Youngstown, OH where Eaglemania plays to a boisterous group of hippies, while avoiding some serious convection and contending with a major SNAFU on Foreflight’s expected routing. The trip ends with a pleasant night flight back to land just before the KCDW tower closes.


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  • Another great YouTube ride with Jon. What's not to love… get to ride along to a show…get a snapshot of the venue, its culture, interviews and great drone shots. Keep up the excellent comm with the controllers and tower folks…I know they appreciate it. This channel just gets better all the time. Thanks for always sharing with all the fellow rockers and flyers!

  • These are really great videos and very useful for understanding the multitude of factors and steps involved in flying real IFR for the single pilot. This has quickly become my favorite aviation channel – THANK YOU FOR POSTING THESE!!Question:What app are you using to view the color coded METARS and TAFS in your flight planning? It is a nice visual presentation of airport condition and appears to have a black background with yellow airport identifiers and is color coded to reflect the weather conditions for specific time periods.

  • Fantastic videos! I especially enjoy how you breakdown your decision making. I’m based at Sky Manor (N40) I’d love to buy you lunch someday and talk aviation.

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