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This is the most epic journey of LIFL so far, with flying from Caldwell, NJ to Klamath Falls, OR for a July 4th celebration. Seven legs of flying are presented, along the with the planning and analysis that goes into a trip of this magnitude. Plus, a great Eaglemania show and a side trip to Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the US.


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  • Having made many cross US trips in my RV-7, it was interesting to compare your weather planning strategies with mine. I too use the future weather planning tools that are so helpful today (versus the 70's and 80's). Having deviation strategies in mind before launching really takes a lot of the stress out of weather flying. Now, if only I could get to FL280!!! Many thanks.

    • Thank you and thanks for reaching out. Great question. Our crew of three has to get there earlier than the rest of us, so they drive or fly commercial. One of the guys drives the trailer, two of the guys live too far from me to make it practical for them, and one of them has a wife that forbids it. Usually it is me and one or two of the other guys. Tomorrow, I’m flying to Kalamazoo, MI and then Latrobe, PA with Ken (gtr, vox) and our FOH/head of production guy Dan. Just worked out that way this time..

  • Nice job, I wonder whats more taxing the flying or editing and putting together the video. Really cool that you are documenting and telling the stories. I look forward to them.

    • Tony Milazzo the editing BY FAR!!! Each of these takes about 25-30h of time to put together. The flying is relaxing comparatively. Glad you are enjoying them. Many more to come..

  • Hi John, I love your content. As an owner of a Turbo Saratoga I enjoy watching your planning process and then seeing the execution of it. I’m envious of your plane’s capabilities. One question/critique, many of your video clips are cropped/letterboxed and it is inconsistent throughout the video. I’m assuming this is due to different cameras? I’m only a novice editor myself but would suggest going to a 16:9 output. Thanks for taking the time on these videos!

    • Thank you and Im glad you are enjoying these! Yes, you are entirely correct re the video format. I recently (episode 12 maybe?) converted to 16:9 and all that… not realizing before the issue. Its definitely a learning curve with these, but thanks for your patience and support.

  • Reminded me of my flight from Carson City, NV to Nashua, NH in my newly-purchased Piper Warrior. Something I'll never forget, flying to minimums at night into Akron, OH, again into WX in both Lancaster, PA and in Manchester, NH. I had a flight instructor with me for the trip and we had a hell of a time. Picked up a little icing over Iowa, but we descended out of it. Our trip didn't take one day, though! Great video for sure. Sorry the cameras didn't work the whole way.

    • ATC is the BEST! We are SO lucky in this country to have such an amazing system and people that staff it. Thanks for reaching out and glad you're enjoying these!

  • Great story and nice piloting. I am looking at purchasing a M500 once my plane sells so its great to watch your videos.

  • Jon, just stumbled upon your channel. Great stuff. Loved this flight. I am a Mooney driver based in SoCal and have flown to Oshkosh and Chicago, so know the challenges of planning these long flights. I am very impressed with your preparation and especially your deep dive into the weather briefings. You fly like a pro!

    • Thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed that one. Such a bummer about OSH this year. I am planning a return to the West Coast (Carlsbad) in a few weeks but not for the band, so no LIFL episode unfortunately. Thanks again for watching and for reaching out.

  • Found your channel today from WSJ story. You have great content, editing, and storytelling skills. You earned a new subscriber here!

  • OMG So much drama from that simple flight. Tell your story to those who goes around the world on piston Cessna. Your story looks like no fun at all, so why did you decide to go on Meridian with all that troubles rather than just took airliner.

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