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Meet the one of the owners of the Grumman Tiger I reviewed a few days ago. Krish is a Private Pilot, also IFR rated. And this 1979 Grumman Tiger is his first airplane which he purchased with 3 other partners.

I make these videos because I want you all to get a real life tale of what goes into aircraft ownership. And perhaps understand that owning and flying your own airplane is very possible and can be affordable. Buying an airplane with multiple people may seem complex at first but once you get through the initial partnership phase, things tend to work out just fine. Trust obviously plays a factor. And every owner must be responsible for their share cost of the airplane.

In the last few years Krish and his partners bought their Grumman Tiger, they’ve made a few upgrades and even overhauled the engine. The good news is that the cost is split 4 different ways. As a partner, you buy into the ownership. And then your cost per hour to fly the airplane is $25/hr. Krish says so far, things have worked out well with his partners


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  • I like the sliding canopy… the Cherokee is probably a better choice, but that (ONE DOOR)is very illogical… they needed to correct that ! or at least out the door on the pilot side.

  • Perfect Krish.
    Thanks for a great interview, very few people will give you hard numbers on cost and partnerships and what’s involved as far as agreements. And cost down. Thanks.
    oh, and there is one sharp tiger

  • Is it like buying a hooker with multiple partners? Everybody wondering when it's their turn or who has to pay the most. Who's turn is it to clean it. Who is the roughest with it? Who has to pay for the up keep? How old is it? Can it handle more than one at a time?

  • Mike, same comment as before: I watch your channel to see what you think.

    Having said that I really liked this video and its content. Everyone wants to know how to share the high cost of flying and get the most out of the investment. Fly with him and then talk about the ins and outs of the arrangement. Would be very interested to hear more about the plane and the arrangement, especially what stage of "maintenance required" when they bought.

  • Cool. Fractional ownership is a wild facilitator. Ponder this. 1/8 ownership of an Eclipse 500 private jet from 2008 for 105 grand.
    An awful plane like a carbon cub is easily 230 grand. If you fly a carbon cub you are a hillbilly. If you fly an Eclipse you strait ballin 🙂
    A 4 way brand new SEA AVIO Risen that can take a single pilot clear across the atlantic is not a bad way to go either.

  • Back in the years of the 1970s through the early 1980s, there were many good flying clubs with some very decent aircraft. To give an example one of the small airports I flew out of in Wisconsin had a club with two Cessna 172s and two Cessna Cardinals it had 15 members it cost fifteen hundred dollars a year for membership after paying the membership fee you were required to pay for gas and leave the airplane clean you could not use the airplane commercially. If you were using the plane for a trip or extended period of time you needed to schedule your time a few weeks in advance. If you decided you just wanted to go for a nice flight just for fun in the evening after work most of the time there were at least two planes always available.

  • My father was in partnership on a Cessna 172 with two other owners for years. Everything worked out and they eventually sold it.

  • Hi, Krish here. I see a lot of questions regarding the operating costs. I will try my best to answer. We charge ourselves $25/ hour towards maintenance. We split the annual, insurance, and any squaks or upgrades equally. The insurance cost is ~$1600/year. The annual cost varied between $2500 to $3500 during our ownership. In addition, we did an engine overhaul, upgraded to 430w, and added ads-b in among other things. Let me know if I can answer any other questions. Mike, please sticky this comment.

    • AV8OR51 thanks for making this video. I am interested in setting up a very similar situation as you with some pilots I know. I was wondering does that $25/hr that you charge yourself go towards just the engine reserve or does that cover the annual too?

  • I like the Grumman tiger because it comes with 180 horsepower Lycoming………. the Grumman cheetahs are nice too but they're 150/160 horsepower Lycoming

  • Thanks for making this video. Would love to learn more about the legal and financial aspects of joint ownership

    • Cyra Richardson I have discussed the financial aspects in pinned comment. What specific questions do you have regarding legal aspects?

    • AV8OR51 Thanks for the reply. How did you setup the legal entity to share ownership? How do you manage disputes?

    • Cyra, Here is what I have on arbitration – "Article 26 – Arbitration
      If any dispute arises under or by virtue of any of the terms of this Agreement and which the co-owners cannot resolve, the co-owners shall submit the dispute to pursuant to the rules regulations of the American Arbitration Association. Judgment may be entered into in any court of competent jurisdiction upon the rendition of any final decision by the arbitrators."
      Let me know if you want a copy of the document.

  • Great vid, Mike.
    Krish, thanks for the clarity and insight on joint ownership. This was really an informative vid. Keep up the good work, Mike.

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