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This is a video of my first big screw-up as a private pilot. It was a huge embarrassment when I found out the gear lights were in night mode. I was also running with the NAV lights on and they already dim the landing gear lights. I hope you all learn from my mistake. Always follow the checklist. I skipped one item, and it led to a very nerve racking flight. The problem was made worse with the terrible mag check during the first attempt to get to Sedona (KSEZ). I am happy with the way I handled it though. It is good to know that if the gear lights did not illuminate after pulling the lever down that I will be able to cope with it. The airplane is a 1976 Piper PA-28R-200 (N6952J) that I rented from Scottsdale Executive Flight Training. These videos are for ENTERTAINMENT, not for instruction. I just thought I’d share a video of a stupid mistake that I made. I know that I will probably make many more mistakes in my aviation career…

Scottsdale Executive Flight Training – https://scottsdaleflighttraining.com/

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