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VFR flight with ATC audio from North Las Vegas Airport (KVGT) to Sedona Airport (KSEZ) on January 2, 2021 with my dad. We flew just south of the Grand Canyon en route. The Sedona area was busy, and we ended up landing on Runway 21 to follow traffic even though there was a near perfect crosswind and Runway 3 is the designated calm-wind runway. On the return trip we did the El Cortez VFR route through the Las Vegas class B airspace.

0:00 Startup & Taxi
1:30 Takeoff & Climb
5:39 Cruise
6:53 Descent into Sedona
13:35 Landing & Parking
15:29 Departing Sedona
16:36 Cruise
17:19 Descent & El Cortez Route
19:21 Pattern
21:00 Landing & Parking

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