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After several months it’s time to resume our NeoFly career! This time we’re beginning a slow migration to the West, starting with relocating to KIDA, Idaho Falls Regional.

We’re flying the Piper Turbo Arrow IV by Just Flight, and in some pretty interesting weather conditions. Just a short night flight this time, but we’ll be doing more in-depth daytime runs soon.

Thank you to Kozoro for making such beautiful music.
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JustFlight Piper Turbo Arrow III and IV:
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Black and Cream Cockpit for JF Turbo Arrow:
→ https://flightsim.to/file/15560/pa28-turbo-arrow-justflight-black-creme-interior-clean-glass


00:00 – The Takeoff from 46U
00:39 – The Intro
01:10 – The Time and Weather
02:10 – The Plan
03:22 – The Turbo Arrow IV
06:48 – The NeoFly Application
07:48 – The Landing at KIDA
08:25 – The Parking and Unloading
09:09 – The Outro


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