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Come along as we fly home from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to Northwest Indiana. It was a hot one but we especially loved the beautiful views of the Chicago Skyline.

ES_Shlow Motion Pt. 2 – oomiee
ES_Starfields – Hallman

The only thing better than the sensational experience of flight is the joy of sharing it with others!

Seeing the world, from above – looking down, gives us an even greater appreciation for our creation.

This channel is to help encourage and share with fellow travel fans and aviation enthusiasts both the pleasures and productivity of flight.

We hope to INSPIRE future pilots and safety in our industry.
We hope to allow people, who might otherwise be unable to fly, to EXPERIENCE aviation by riding along and discovering flight through the lens of our cameras.
We hope to bring VALUE by having content that is both educational and entertaining.

Sharing Aviation 4 LIFE!!!

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The videos are to encourage aviation enthusiasts and inspire aviators. They are not to be considered as the final authority of how each flight should be carried out. Please do not try any of the actions or things discussed in the videos without proper professional training. These videos are often edited for viewing purposes leaving out essential checklists and procedures that are critical to each flight.

We attempt to keep our skies and industry safe by following each FAR / AIM. By always seeking to improve and keeping an open mind to learning we hope to be the best aviators possible. If you see something that is concerning, please reach out to me.

The information, views, and opinions contained on Siegwart Aviator are that of the persons filmed and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Siegwart Aviator or any company.

Thank you for joining us along our aviation journey. ONWARD AND UPWARD!

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