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We discovered that my door didn’t latch mid-flight! My wife is still a nervous flyer. Her last flight was on a windy day and wasn’t the best experience for her. My friend Sandor owns a Piper Archer and wanted to help me giver her a better experience in a general aviation aircraft. We picked a day with clam winds, left in the evening when the air was cooling down. When we closed the door before takeoff we didn’t realize the door hadn’t latched properly. Needless to say when we discovered the issue mid-flight it did not help put her mind at ease!

Closing the Door First Attempt and Takeoff 1:48
Finding the Door Open and My Wife’s Reaction 4:20
Landing 5:19
Closing the Door… again 6:10
Second Takeoff 7:00
iPad Overheats 9:10
Landing at Eagle Creek 12:26

Sandor’s Archer is the same plane I flew in a previous video that I am getting checked out in. Blow is the link to that video.

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