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There is always a delay in uploading movies of course depending how busy I am. But I have great news to tell; The 11th of May I had my big final exam!
5 hours theory and flying and 3 examinators tortured me….. ??⚔️? ??‍✈️??‍✈️??‍✈️. Of course several emergencies, failures, go arounds, diverting, rejected take off etc…..
I even had to fly a heavier aircraft to carry the load of as full house.
I even did extra training with an aircraft at max take off weight.


Although now begins the bureaucratical crap organizing the correct filled out paper work and pay €611, about $710 for just a A4 side filled out green coloured piece of paper.

But I’m really happy and it’s a big relief. I cannot believe that I can go flying whenever I want to where I want….. but I will practise first alone and with a buddypilot to gain experience.
I’m checked out to fly Piper Cadet, Warrior II and Archer II ?


So here it is the initial flight I wanted to show you. My 10th solo.

It bothered me as it had been 7 months without flying solo. For some reason it makes one insecure and it’s not good for your selfconfidence.
So after another exam training flight I had some time left and decided all of a sudden to fly solo! It became an interesting flight with a lot of extra stuff; headset failure, rain and several landings while raining. And I proved to myself I still can do it without my instuctor :).


1646 touch & go 4 (glide in 1000ft)
1651 Full stop landing (glide in 1000ft)
1653 Agnes calling me…..
1656 on blocks

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