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Hi all!!

Thank you for watching again. Another new movie to be published.
To be current to take passengers on board every 90 days I have to do 3 take offs and landings.
Now I just did 2 so I decided to do a quick flight to stay current.

First landing a normal one (3 flaps), second one (no flaps, so higher approach speed required) and the third one a target landing on the white stripes to simulate a short runway landing. Visibility was not very good, especially on downwind.

I did fly the Warrior III G-OBFS for the first time. Great smooth aircraft.

I thank my dear friend Ivo K. for his effort in editing this movie.

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1511 Off blocks
1529 Take Off Runway 05
1530 Noticing 2 other planes of whom 1 is not quite following the rules
1534 Touch & Go 1
1540 Touch & Go 2
1545 Full stop landing

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