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Ride inside the cockpit of a Pilatus PC-12 flying from Biggin Hill. Short landing and takeoff demo, the avionics, inside the cockpit, and what it’s like to fly this awesome turboprop. Thanks to Edwin and Oriens Aviation for organising the flight. Our flight departs Biggin Hill and I fly the PC-12 over Kent. We then fly past London and land at Stapleford before Edwin demonstrates a very short takeoff. Then back home via the ILS at Biggin Hill.

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VERY IMPORTANT: I am a private pilot and am NOT qualified to give flying instruction. This video, like all videos on this channel, has been significantly edited from the original source footage and is provided for entertainment purposes only. Many radio calls and procedures have been omitted. If you have any questions about anything you see or hear, please speak to a Certified Flying Instructor first.


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