Home » Aircrafts » Pilatus » PC12 » Boutique Pilatus PC-12 Crashes north of Mesquite Airport | Engine Failure

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  • Hoping that our radar + the tips included helped you visualize the situation better. The pilot suffered unreported injuries and was taken to hospital. He apparently los control of the aircraft on very short final runway 18. Wishing him the best.

  • Hello, Thank you to share this video and could you explain, if is it possbile, how do you get this video in LiveAtc.net ? Is is possible to see realtime flights ?

  • It should be Rockwall Airport (Rockwall is a suburb NE of Dallas and across Lake Ray Hubbard from Mesquite).

  • Should've landed at Rockwall. Lost precious time trying to divert to DFW 30 miles away then turning around again.

  • For all those saying “he should have just landed when he first noticed trouble” thats hindsight.

    What happened was he saw he had trouble and made the call for closest. Then thought he had it back under control and so decided to head to a bigger airport which prob had services like fire and medical etc. And possibility of fixing whatever the problem was. Bottom line he decided in that split second to take the better bigger airport. Then things escalated further and he knew he was in trouble. So he again went for nearest place to land and got it down in a survivable crash.

    All things considered id prob have just landed too but we were not there. We dont know and will never know what was happening.

    When he made the secondary call for bigger airport he prob thought he had a chance of getting there ok. Turns out he didnt. Thats hindsight!

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