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In this Biz Jet News this week Fab Poli uncovers some more interesting snippets…

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  • Hi Fab! From what we are hearing here in the USA is from witness on ground who said, he landed halfway down the runway, bounced it very hard twice third time gear let go. It went thru a chain link fence (opened up fuel tanks) jumped a small creek fire started then, came to rest partly on a highway. Glad all survived, but sad for the almost new aircraft. Pilot error?!? We shall see what the NTSB has to say later.

    • @Biz Jet TV very !! Love your videos by the way !! Very informative. Im still a junior guy In aviation, finishing of my degree and cpl training. But I have a future plan of starting an aviation business. And I'm thinking of either getting a smaller cessna for charter/leasing then growing the business into a major organisation. Or getting an older jet for the same services or a business model similar to net jets. A jet seems like the best choice in terms of the returns on investment despite the operating costs . Location is Kenya, Africa. What would be your take on this. Any advice would be appreciated

  • I love hearing the News, whether good or disappointing. Great regular video idea. Like many viewers, I would love to see a video that breaks down market share in the light/med/large corporate jets. Not in terms of sales $$$’s but rather by number of aircraft, and where they are (new/used) located (cities/country). Thanks Fab for another video.

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