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Marian has been asking me to come flying with him for several years. I met him while swing dancing, where I learned he was a Naval Aviator with the Marine Corps. He flew EA-6B Prowler aircraft but owns a Mooney 201 M20J personal aircraft. This single engine fixed wing airplane is fun to fly and a real joy to take off and land. I have my private pilot license but I’m not endorsed for such a plane, so Marian flew as pilot in command while I was at the controls and was right there to take over in case I made any errors.

Marian was OK with me trading my BMW i8 wings for his Mooney Wings, so we departed Capital City Airport in Harrsiburg, PA USA and flew a scenic route to Schuylkill County, PA where I grew up before landing at Northumberland County Airport in PA. We took a break from the trip, got back in the plane, and followed the Susquehanna River back to Capital City Airport where we got some photos and I let Marian drive the BMW i8 in the twisties. I didn’t get video of that but I think I need to meet up with him again and swap the i8 for the BMW z4 and see how that rides. What do you think?

Many thanks to Marian for having me up to check out his Mooney and to fly it over my old homestead. It means a lot to have a friend like him.


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