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Since 2005, Elliot has been working in the field of research and design of experimental aerospace products. He spent 10 years at Burt Rutan’s Scaled Composites as a project engineer, flight test engineer and test pilot with 300 hours in 6 types of Rutan experimental aircraft during his tenure. He spent 2 years as Lead test pilot at Mooney aircraft working on the prototype carbon fiber/diesel M10T. He has set 6 World records and built two airplanes for racing at Reno, one of his own design.

It hard to imagine a more fascinating day at the office than the ones that Elliot sees on a daily basis! It’s another amazing episode of SocialFlight Live!

“SocialFlight Live!” is a live broadcast dedicated to supporting General Aviation pilots and enthusiasts during these challenging times. Register at SocialFlightLive.com to join the live broadcast every Tuesday evening at 8pm ET (be sure to join early because attendance is limited for the live broadcasts).

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