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Part 1 in the upgrade of the panel of my 1995 Mooney Ovation. I am replacing the classic analog six-pack with two GI-275’s. The one that will go in the location of the Attitude Indicator will be a GI-275 ADAHARS+AP and the second one will go in the location of the HSI and will be a GI-275 ADAHRS as a standby ADI and also configured as an MFD so that it can display a multitude of pages such as HSI, HSI Map, MFD, weather, etc.

Alternate options were: 1) a G3X with a GI-275 ADAHRS+AP so that I would have an interface with the KFC-150 currently in the plane, a G500 Txi with a standby G5, or a Bendix-King AeroVue Touch + AeroCruze 230 because of a great discount offer. However, the last alternative had a lot of problems including lack of communications between the AeroVue and AeroCruse!

The dual GI-275’s were the most cost effective options.

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