Home » Aircrafts » Mooney » Flying the Mooney to Thanksgiving: Coldest Flight Ever (for me)

In this flight, I learned that winter flying in the northeast is much more complicated than I originally expected. Instead of a 7-8 hour drive from Ford City, PA to Saint Johnsville, NY, I elected to fire up the Mooney for a slightly over 2 hour flight up. Unfortunately, I was not prepared for this to be the coldest flight I had ever encountered and the extra steps needed to get the plane ready almost made me wish I had just drove. The flight back the next day was completely at night which was not well recorded by my camera, but that flight back was great and it made it all worthwhile.

Music: Ukiyo by Oceans Ate Alaska
Check out their music at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC0bk12Lh4Itt8i_rD5FBCQ

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