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Last weekend Elizabeth and I jumped in a Mooney airplane to join some friends for breakfast at the Spruce Creek airport just outside of Daytona. Afterwards, we took a scenic flight down the Florida coast and checked out the NASA shuttle landing facility in Cape Canaveral. This is the runway where the space shuttle used to land. From a distance you can see the huge vehicle assembly building. As we fly over the runway you can see a mockup of the shuttle about mid field. The launch pads where the modern Space X rockets start their journey is just off to the left near the coast. Elizabeth started recording at almost 12 miles out, but because the runway is 15,000 feet long and one of the longest in the world, it seemed like we were much closer. If you like to see something other than trucking once in a while, in future videos I’ll tap into the intercom audio so you can hear what I’m talking about in the cockpit. Enjoy!

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