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Crazy Turbulence After Take Off | Student Pilot | Full Audio

A short clip from an upcoming video on bad weather flying. With gusty 30kt winds and severe turbulence forecast, this was one flying lesson I’ll never forget! After takeoff, the turbulence builds gradually and then the real fun begins – we start hitting mountain waves on downwind.

You can out the complete flight here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1DRPj38gGk&t=40s

What’s the most turbulent conditions you’ve been flying in?

I’m a student pilot learning to fly in my spare time. I originally received 30 hours of flying instruction 17 years ago and now I’m back in the cockpit and learning how to fly all over again.

Currently flying out of Wollongong (YWOL), Australia in light sport aircraft such as the Jabiru and Pipestrel alpha with Fly Illawarra:

Fly Illawarra: http://www.flyillawarra.com.au/
Recreation Aviation Australia: https://www.raa.asn.au/
Jabiru aircraft: http://jabiru.net.au/

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