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At Oshkosh 2019, DAY 4. And we are checking out the LX7-20.
Lancair’s have been around for ever in the general aviation world. They build fast, I mean really fast single engine piston airplanes. In today’s world of aviation, there’s a company in Oregon, RDD taking these ready built lancair 4 seater airplanes and putting some incredible mods on them. The result is what you see in the video; A Lancair LX7-20 Turboprop Aircraft.

The LX-7 model is built off of a ready made Lancair IV-P, an experimental 4 place airplane. RDD collects the plane from the customer, dissembles it, adds new beefed up parts to increase performance and safety. Then they give it back to the customer. Some of the new addition includes a parachute system, new firewall, new wings and the list goes on.

As a customer, you also get your options in engine choices. A standard LX-7 will come with a piston 350 HP continental engine capable of cruising 250 knots and take you as far as 2400 nautical miles. Opt for a turboprop engine in the LX7-20 though, and you’re in a different class of business. The turbine LX7-20 will cruise 280 knots true and take you as far as 1400 nautical miles with full tanks.

The price? a cool million give or take. The LX-7 cost about $850,000, and the LX7-20 cost about $1 million.

To find out more about the LX7 aircraft, visit http://www.lx7aircraft.com/


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