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Recently we checked out the Lancair 320, a 2 seater experimental aircraft that is capable of speeds north of 200 mph.
Today, we check out the bigger model of the Lancair. A 4 seater model that is even faster and more capable.

The lancair IVP is truly the fastest airplane in its class. Hard to beat 250 kts or 287 MPH. The other airplane that comes close is maybe the mooney Acclaim ultra or the Cessna TTX. The Cirrus SR22 Turbo comes close but not quite as fast.
Being an experimental aircraft, the Lancair IV-P can also be equipped with AC and this one is. The P in the model name sytands for pressurized. This aircraft is also pressurized so you can fly at high altitudes without necessarily needing external oxygen.

Lancair’s have always been known for speed, so this is no airplane for a beginner or a novice. You will need to be on top of your numbers if you are to consistently fly a Lancair safely. The IV-P approach speed is about 100 knots while in the Lancair 360, you’re coming in really hot at 170 knots in some cases.

Here are some of the performance specs on the Lancair IV-P

Capacity: 4
Engine: Continental IO 550 – Twin turbo (350 hp)
Range: Up to 1250 miles
Speed: Up to 335 mph
Useful load: 1350 lbs
Price: $250k – $500k

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