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Company Updates Its Program For Highly Modifying Lancair IV-P Airframes

RDD Enterprises, a company that was created to modify Lancair IV-P airplanes into a safer, longer-rage bird, provided Aero-TV with an update about the program at AirVenture.

According to David McRae, the owner of RDD Enterprises, the LX7 is designed to be a faster and safer aircraft than the IV-P from which it is built.

The company will help a buyer find a suitable donor airplane, from which the wings and tail are removed. The company installs an entirely new wing and tail, as well as new avionics and other upgrades. McRae said that the work is considered a “Major Modification” by the FAA, so the original builder of the IV-P is still listed as the manufacturer in the FAA records.

The LX7 carries 180 gallons of fuel, which the company says gives it a coast-to-coast range without refueling. It has a full-airframe parachute, Garmin GTx avionics and side-stick controls, climbs at 2,000 fpm and cruises at 260 knots true airspeed for the piston version, and 280 knots for the turboprop variant. The stall speed is 63 knots.

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