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As we all gear up for the greatest aviation life event that is Airventure, here are some of the experimental aircraft make and model we can all get excited about. These airplanes are wither new to the market or they are getting a nice makeover in design and or performance. Here are the 5 airplanes I’m personally looking forward to seeing at Oshkosh.

1. Lancair Mako – Many of us are already well familiar with the Lancair kit airplanes. one of the first in the game to design and build fast cross country airplanes that is affordable. Well Lancair has also gone through several financial woes over the years. Most recently in 2017, they sold all assets of the company or what’s left of it to Mark and Conrad Huffsutler, a father/son duo who later brought to market the Lancair Mako. Most notable feature about the latest Lancair model is it’s retractable landing nose wheel.

2. Commuter Craft – Commuter craft is an experimental kit plane designed by Richard Hogan. The company is based down in Catersville GA. Although we have the flying prototype of the airplane which has been showcased for a few years now, word is that the company is redesigning a few things on the aircraft and they plane to show some of the new modifications at this year’s EAA Airventure.

3. Sling 4 iS – Another great kit airplane designed by SouthAfrican company The Airplane Factory. TAF is also based here in the US, and their latest kit build airplane is a true 4 seater powered by a small rotax 914 engine. With many sentiment about the airplane being under powered, TAF listened and they plan to showcase a newly redesigned Sling 4 which will have a more powerful Rotax 915 engine, with better speeds and better climb rate. The extra 35 horsepower is attached to turbo chargers so you get 100% power delivery until 15,000 feet. Amazing fit by Rotax. well look forward to the new Sling at Airventure.

4. Vans RV-14 – Most of us know about Van RV kit build airplanes. They are true cross country birds and Vans have a model airplane for just about any mission you have. The RV-14 is Van’s latest model which is a 2 seater, but a lot of the build is directly inline with the BIG RV-10 4 seater airplane. So you have a lot of the same flight characteristics plus a wider cabin. but the best part is that you can do aerobatics in the new RV-14.

5. VL3 Evolution – VL3 evolution is a light airplane from European company JMB. Naturally this airplane would be considered a light sport aircraft because of it’s size and useful load. But since JMB is providing an option to have retractable landing gear, this aircraft is no longer an LSA. That automatically puts it in the experimental category because here in the US, LSAs can only have fixed landing gears. Either way, I’m super excited about this aircraft.


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