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Ride along with us on our flight of 5 SX300’s and a Lancair Legacy to Sun-n-Fun 2021. We flew in on day 1 (Tue April 13th 2021) from Spruce Creek Fly-In (7FL6) to Lakeland, FL on the Lake Parker arrival.

It was quite a cluster taxiing in, as they had no clue where to put our 6 airplanes. They just keep sending us off to the next person. We had to taxi for over 23 mins before finally getting a spot to park. Day 1, always expect the unexpected….especially after a year of covid the year before with 2020 being cancelled. Not as many exhibitors this year, which lead to not so busy first day compared to the years past that my husband has flown into. We were unable to stay for the day (airshow), so we left at noontime to head back home as a solo flight. I had time to find Peachey’s Bakery and try their awesome amish donuts that I heard so much about. They were worth the trip!

This was my first time flying in (hubby has flown in before) and I hadn’t been in years do to work schedule or weather when I did have time off. Both of us had been to more than enough airshows in the past (worked for an airshow performer), so we decided to head home to our dog before we got stuck there for the day. Next year we’ll get a sitter for our special needs dog and spend more time there.

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