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Congratulations to Hakan Langebro on the first flight of his highly modified Lancair Legacy. Hakan is an experienced home builder and engineer who set out to modify the slow flight performance of the high performing Lancair 320. Four years in the making this first flight is a first brush at what should be an exciting project. The flight was cut short due to high engine temperatures, so after some reconfiguring, we hope to be able to finish the first flight card and continue the march towards evaluating the airplane’s new features!

Thank you for tuning in, we appreciate the support and feedback. Airplanes are cool

Time Stamps:
01:07 Introduction
01:56 Engine start/Taxi
03:12 Project Background
04:25 Aircraft inspection
07:20 Ramona Airspace
09:37 Ground Run
12:12 Light Program Description
15:34 Briefing
20:31 Highspeed Taxi
24:12 Takeoff
25:43 RTB
26:03 Landing
27:41 Post-flight Briefing
29:32 Post-flight inspection

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Flt 001 Flight Report

Flt Date 5/16/2020
Engine Start: 09:21 LCL
Engine Shutdown: 09:52 LCL
Flt Time: 0.5 HRS
Landings: 1
Fuel Used: UNK
Total Time After Flight: 0.5 Hrs
Chase: Gillen/N131RG

The flight was cut short due to engine cooling. The radio sounded good. During the high-speed taxi the engine was determined to be rich (based on sound, engine smoothness, and indicated FF). The engine was leaned (~2”), found to run smoother there. That mixture setting was used for takeoff. Normal takeoff, normal gear retraction. Nose gear door was found to be open ~1”. One minute after brake release the CHTs were out of limits and increasing. To cool CHTs, the mixture was set to full rich, we accelerated to 130 KIAS, and the power was reduced to 10”/2500 RPM. This reversed the trend on the CHTs. While we waited for CHTs to get back in limits to continue the test card, the oil temp went out of limits and increasing. At this point, the decision was made to RTB. A normal landing was flown flaps up. During the approach the airspeed was checked with chase and found to be 10% off, the Lancair was indicating 110 KIAS but chase showed 100 KIAS.

Power Settings
Take Off WOT/2700
Climb WOT/2500
Cruise WOT/2500

VS – 65 KIAS
VRot – 60-65 KIAS
VL – 122 KIAS
VF – 100 MIAS
VA – 65 KIAS
LLF – +3.8G/-1.52G
Flaps Dn +2.0G/-1.52G

Maintenance Before Flight
Flap Hardware Replaced (from inspection)
Stick Reinforced (from inspection)
Newly Installed (previously flown) Engine
Newly Installed (previously flown) Propeller
Custom Cowling Inlets
New Custom Wing Body Fillet
New Custom Extended Dorsal Fin
New Custom “Fowler Type” Flaps
Extended Horizontal Tail (Proven Kit)
Extended Wing Tips (Proven Kit)

Flight Profile
Engine Start
High-Speed Taxi
-acceleration check
-deceleration check
-Longitudinal/Lateral control checks
Take Off
Initial climb 100 KIAS
First Power Reduction WOT/2500
Cruise climb 125 KIAS to 7500’ MSL
Cruise 10 minutes
Extend gear @ 100 KIAS
Handling checks 100 KIAS to 77
Simulated Go-around
SFO approach
Flaps up landing

Plugs needed to be cleared at run-up, idle mixture rich
Engine Indication System Troublesome
-Fuel Pressure Alarm Won’t Clear
-Difficult to page through displays
Propeller governor set 2650 RPM
Nose gear door open slightly (~1 inch) in flight
Cylinder cooling marginal
Oil cooling marginal
Indicated airspeed error (shows 110 KIAS when speed 100 KIAS)

Next Steps:
The first goal is to get the engine cooling properly so that we can do the longer flights required to start flap testing. Once cooling is under control start with “flaps up” handling quality confirmation before flap work.

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