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http://www.sportaviationexpos.com – AMT, Air Management Technology Flycool light sport aircraft air-conditioning system. Dan Johnson talks to Dave Graham of AMT Air Management Technology about the installation of the Flycool Air-conditioning system on the TECNAM P2008 light sport aircraft.

FlyCool™ is a light-weight, all-electric, air conditioning system developed for the expanding LSA market.

The system includes a maintenance-free, hermetically-sealed, brushless dc motor/compressor, a light-weight condenser assembly and a compact evaporator unit.

The AC runs from either a 70 amp alternator specially designed to integrate well with the 912 Rotax engine or from a 28 VDC ground power source. When ground pre-cooling, the system provides a 20°F cabin temperature drop in just 10 minutes. The system weighs only 22 pounds.

The Flycool system can be installed on a number of light sport aircraft. The Flycool air-conditioning system can also be installed on experimental, and experimental amateurbuilt light sport aircraft.

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http://www.sportaviationmagazine.com – AMT Air Management Technology FlyCool Air-conditioning for light sport aircraft

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