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The G600 and G500 are a major leap forward for Gulfstream in terms of the flight deck design, while also launching a new family of long-range jets that take advantage of the latest technology. From the active-sidestick fly-by-wire flight controls to the touchscreen-controlled avionics, Gulfstream has leapfrogged its competitors in the technology race and at the same time produced a large modern business jet that is easy and actually fun to fly. One of the neat new features in the G600 and G500 is the touchscreen overhead panel. Where there used to be what seemed like acres of switches and buttons, there are now three touchscreens that are used to control all the aircraft systems. A huge benefit of these new touchscreens is that the pilots can go from dark cockpit to ready for engine start in less than half the time of earlier Gulfstreams like the G550.

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