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Embraer Phenom 300
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Embraer Phenom 300 Interior
Despite the standard length of 51.2 ft (15.6 m), the Phenom 300 achieves the most spacious interior of any light-jet on the market with 17.2 ft (5.2 m) of internal length and a high ceiling. This is due to Embraer’s OvalLite™ design – created in collaboration with BMW – which maximizes space and ensures a quiet cabin. In addition to more space for passengers, the Phenom 300 provides the largest baggage capacity (74 ft3 / 573 lbs) in its class.

The Embraer can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people, including the pilot and co-pilot. This is done through the addition of either an extra chair, or a divan, located in the front of the six-seat cabin.

The interior is built for both comfort and entertainment, and is highly customizable. The leather chairs can fully recline, swivel, move forward and back, and control cabin temperature (VIP chair only). The entertainment system includes a 10.4 inch TV with a CD and DVD player, high speed in-flight internet access, a satellite phone system, and wireless headphones. The cabinets to the front of the cabin contain a coffee maker, drinks cabinet, and ice drawer. Surfaces can be custom-made with wooden veneer, laminate, leather, or carpet.

The 11 galley windows (the largest in the Phenom 300’s class) are positioned to provide as much light and visibility to the seating as possible. The signature “air stair” leads to the largest entrance door area in class. A cabin altitude of 6,600 ft at the cruising altitude of 45,000 ft ensures passengers arrive at their destination fully rested, free from the effects of high altitude.

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