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Lionel Messi Private Jet Embraer Legacy 650! Packed with twin Rolls Royce BR 725 A1-12 engines. This aircraft takes you into the skies and just engulfs you with the gentle graces of the gods. Or at least that what it seems like. The 650 model is the extended range that caries the athlete across nation to nation and coast to coast without any waisted time having to stop for refueling. Allowing for all of the peons and their lesser than private jets to stay out of the way as they make their multiple fueling trips…

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The craftmanship and engineering of this aircraft is beautiful. Luxuriously stitched leather seats that recline to allow the passengers to get into the most comfortable state of relaxation as it soars through the clouds. Exceptionally polished and pristinely designed kitchen and bathroom areas that can make high end condos jealous. What do you expect out of a $30 Million-dollar private jet? We make sure you get the full experience! As Lionel Messi Enjoying the Embraer Legacy 650 Landing!

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