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It’s one thing to keep your promises… it’s another to exceed them. And that appears to be what the first US-registered Sling TSi is doing. Following an impressive Sunday non-stop flight from California to Florida, for Sun ‘n Fun, we’ve confirmed with N135WT’s owner, Wayne Toddun, that the bird is doing better than he was promised. Embraer has competed certification flight tests for its new Praetor 600 business jets. Multiple media sources indicate that the flight test program accrued 339 flight hours and 472 flight cycles, with the maturity campaign so far collecting another 32.2 flight hours and 14 flight cycles. Entry into Service is planned for mid-2019. The Praetor 500 is expected to follow later this year. Lockwood Aircraft has seriously upgraded its twin-engine AirCam in time for Sun ‘n Fun 2019. New Gen-3 model airframes will have the option of incorporating a third seat located behind the second seat and a 220-pound gross weight increase from the current 1,680-pound max gross weight to 1,900 pounds — with the new jump seat quickly removable to convert between cargo and and third passenger. The third seat can be installed in either an open-cockpit AirCam or one with the full enclosure canopy. The canopy was designed from the start to accommodate the third seat. All this — and MORE in today’s episode of Airborne!!!

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